Kickapoo Creek Jewelry - Designer Andy Smith
               ABOUT ANDY
 Andy creates with precious and semi-precious gemstones, fossils, clay artifacts,
old coins, and bones. She combines them with appropriate metal wires. Although Andy produces with fabrication, she favors wire works. Wire binding allows the focal piece to breathe rather than being enclosed by a metal bezel. There are many styles in the market but Andy chooses to design with simple contemporary lines in the wire movement.Her clients wear the statement pieces as a part of their persona.
  After years spent in Europe and Asia, moving into rural Texas has been Andy's greatest inspiration for her jewelry. Following college, there was a very fast paced career as an Accessory Designer for Levi Strauss, Ginnie Johansen, CK, Ralph Lauren which took her global to work with diverse cultures. Living in the country, she continued to create jewelry with a new freedom of answering to her own deadlines with distinct  designs for women who enjoy expressing themselves with one-of-a-kind jewelry.
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