Kickapoo Creek Jewelry - Designer Andy Smith
  Andy's strong, graceful pieces are worn by clients with confidence for statement jewelry. Her jewelry has been seen at Millicient Roger's Museum, Taos, N.M.; Garcia Gallery,Taos, N.M.: Brown Dog, Fredericksburg,Tx.; Western Otter, Hico,Tx;Hunt Arms, Bullard,Tx.: and Antiques and Texas Heritage, Ben Wheeler,Tx.
  Andy now offers her artistic and technical skills in workshops at her new studio on her buffalo ranch. Previously, her classes were held off site as her home studio could not accommodate groups. The new log studio completed in May offers a space where imaginations will transfer from the exciting tropical interior seated in the midst of a pastoral environment where the buffalo roam.
  In day classes, a beginner can create several pieces of jewelry in a various metals. With 2 or 3 day classes one will leave with confidence to follow one's own muse. Details on summer classes will later be posted. All school teachers will be offered a 20% discount  on the workshops at the Kickapoo Studio.
As a new member of http://www.DallasArtsRevue , I anticipate being in the loop of more news and announcements
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